March 25, 2008

Mini-update time...

Hello all!!

We had a WONDERFUL Easter!! My parent's had us, my little brother, my older sister and her hubbie and their 2 kiddo's and my in-laws for dinner.
My mom really out did herself this year...I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a meal so much. Everything was wonderful!!!
Mr. Gage was in semi-shutdown mode during the day...I think he was a bit overstimulated because as soon as it quieted down he came alive. It was quite cute.
Oh...and the Easter bunny was very good to us!!

In other news...we saw Gage's neuro. on his birthday and she is ready to get going on the ketogenic diet so sometime next month we will be checking into the hospital.
The initial keto. hospitalization is about 3 days and she wants to do a couple other things while we're there so we'll be in for at least 4.

Kris and I have it worked out that I will stay there with lil' man and he will work as normal...we really can't afford for him to take off of work...but unlike last time where Kris came up to the hospital everyday after work we decided that aside from the first day he probably won't come up. The hospital is about an hour away and Kris' job is unpredictable hour-wise and last time it really wore him out to work a full day and then drive back and forth to the hospital each night.
So Gage is stuck with just mama.
I think we'll manage just fine.
Downside is that there's no wi-fi in the room so I may try and talk Kris into keeping the blog updated for those 4 or so days....think he can handle it???
Or MOM...maybe you want to do it???
If not I could put you on Starbucks duty. haha

There is more to update on but because we have no real concrete answers yet I'm going to hold off until we do.

Aside from that Gage is on Spring Break this week and Kris has been working crazy, long hours.

I think after Gage's break is over I'm going to need a break!!!

And on that note I hope everyone had a great Easter.
Until next time.

March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Just a quick note to wish you and your families a wonderful Easter.
This is a great time to remember just how blessed we all are.

Love, Kris, Shannon, Gage and Captain.

March 19, 2008

Yes, No???

I've spent the last hour trying to get Gage's Page JUST RIGHT...I'm still not sure I really like the way it looks but it's going to have to do for now.
I wanted to add a picture to the side of it but once again blogger is being a brat and not letting me. Oh well. Maybe that's my cue that I need to stop working on this for now and maybe come back to it a bit later and look at it with fresh eyes and see what I think then.

In the mean time please, please, please comment on your thoughts on the looks of this. Something just seems off to me and I'm not sure what it friendly readers...let me know what you think!!

And once again yes...I know I owe you an update and I am working on it but there's quite a bit to update so as soon as I get it done I will post it.

ETA...if you look to the right you'll see links to other amazing kiddo's and their families. I really encourage you to check them out.
Mom...that means you too!! Just click on a name and it'll bring you to the blog of your choice. You've heard me talk about some of these kids enough.

March 16, 2008

Cross posted from myspace...

I know I owe everyone an update but for now I have this....
Current mood: happy
Category: Life

It never ceases to amaze me just how up and down life can be. Just when you think things will never look up and that’ll you’ll never get a do.

Or at least that’s been the case for me.

In the last 6 years I’ve had some real big wakeup has not really treated us fair in some ways...watching the things Gage goes through has been enough to rock us to our very core. Seeing the bills we have stacked up and knowing there’s not a whole lot of chance of us being able to pay them anytime soon can be very depressing.

There have been days...especially lately...where it’s all seemed too much. I really didn’t know how much more I could handle without losing my mind. I tried to keep a positive outlook but it was getting harder and life was beginning to resemble a nightmare but I decided to just keep going...I had made it this far.
WE had made it this far.
For better or for worse I had my little family and that was enough.

And you know what?? As soon as I started to REALLY believe that things started looking up for us. matter how hard life can be or how badly you want to lay down and give up...don’t.
Your life will never become more than you can handle.
My friend Terra said this to me tonight..."When you open your energy up to good things, good things happen."
That is the absolute truth.

I lose sight of that alot.