January 18, 2009


My mom reminded me today that I haven't been doing a very good job updating this and for that I apologize...time has just gotten away from me.

Anyhow...we all had a good Christmas. As usual Gage made out well...lots and lots of new clothes and a new bookcase for his room. Daddy and I had given him his gift early but Santa brought him some new fleece blankets and flannel sheets and some other odds and end.
I spent Christmas day sick and in bed at my moms but everyone else had a very good day. It's always nice to spend time with family...especially when you have such a good one.

Gage is doing very well at school this year. I love his teacher...she is so sweet and so good with him and I just get a very good feeling from her. I fully believe that she loves what she does and that she loves her students...how can you not though??

I guess the biggest news with us right now is Gage's upcoming neurology appointment. The ketogenic diet is not working and I think the consensus is that it's time to consider doing the corpus callosotomy. Kris is 100% on board with this and I am becoming a bit more comfortable...I'm not going to lie I do have some reservations...but I think that's probably normal.
I do know that we are running out of options as far as seizure control goes. We've been through all of the medications and he's had the VNS in since 2004...the keto was pretty much our last option before we talked about surgery.
Gage's neuro. raised his keto. from 3:1 to 4:1 in November in hopes that it would help...it hasn't. Our appointment is in a couple of weeks and from there we will schedule the surgery.
I pray that this works for him.

He is due for a break...we all are.

I think that is all for now...I'm sure I could find more to say but I think I want to publish this now before I get busy and let another 2 months go by.

I hope you are all well.