November 5, 2010


Hello and welcome back.
I have taken such a long, long break with this blog that I thought about scrapping it altogether and (possibly) starting a new one sometime down the line but for now I'm just going to update here.

I don't think I'm going to go through everything that has gone on in the past 2 years because I'm just going to go ahead and assume that if you actually read this then you probably already let's just go ahead with what's going on now...

Gage just got out of the hospital yesterday. He was in for EEG monitoring so his Neuro. could see what's going on with his seizure patterns. Daddy stayed up there with him and I stayed home with the little lady since her and I both have colds.
That was hard. I am always with him during hospital stays. I missed him terribly but I know Kris was just as good an advocate (maybe even better...he stresses less) as me.

The results of the stay are this...we are going forward with the Corpus Callosotomy.
The plan is to meet with the surgeon as soon as we can and get this ball rolling. His Dr. also wants to place Leeds directly on his brain following the surgery to see if we can pinpoint a direct region of seizure activity...if we can then the plan is to resect that portion of his brain.

Kris and I feel pretty ok with this plan.

We trust his Dr. and know that she is doing what is necessary.
His Dr. is wonderful...we adore her and couldn't be happier with her.
His Dr. is also leaving the practice.


She is moving to California to set up there. Great timing.
We will be switching over Gage's care back to his previous Neuro.
We loved him and he was great with kids and it was an unfortunate set of circumstances that led us to a new Dr. in the first place.
Thankfully he practices in the same location so none of that will change.

There is more to update but I think I'm going to stop for now. I'm still letting everything sink in myself.

Love to you all.