February 20, 2008

Cold, Cold Weather...

Well Gage went back to school yesterday...according to the note Ms. Debbie sent home he was awake for a few minutes and then slept the rest of the day.
Good thing they don't give detentions for that at his school. haha

I had a feeling it was going to be a sleepy day. He had a sour look on his face the whole time I was getting him ready and he was so uncooperative when I was trying to get him into his chair.
That's usually a sure sign he isn't
quite ready to be awake yet.

Well luck was on his side today...I woke up about 6:30 this morning and it just LOOKED cold outside so I called Kris and sure enough it was FREEZING. Needless to stay Gage got another day off. I think he was pretty happy about it as he woke up all smiles. Silly little guy.

He stayed in his happy mood for the majority of the day...lots of smiles and sitting up and the occasional burst of laughter. I LOVE days like today.

In other news...Kris is sick. He sounds and looks MISERABLE. I feel for him. He has tomorrow off of work so at least he'll be out of the cold for the most part.

We're meeting with the lawyer tomorrow about the SSI and Medicaid...hence the reason Kris is off of work.
I'm really hoping this meeting goes well and we hear some good news.

I will definitely update on how it went at some point in time this week.

February 18, 2008

Wish us luck...

After (almost) a month off of school I think it's time for Gage to go back.
We've had a bout of the flu, some cold like symptoms, the ever present choking, a couple snow days and a week of freezing temperatures....but finally things seem to be looking up.

The weather is a bit...well not as cold, the snow is still here but the roads are better (minus the whole salt shortage), the flu is long gone and I don't see any signs of a cold.
As for the choking...well that's pretty much here to stay for the time being so hopefully the school can handle it.

I will say it's been nice to wake up leisurely and not have to do the whole mad rush in the morning but I know he's missed school and his friends and of course Ms. Debbie...and I of course have missed those couple of hours all to myself. There really is no need for Dunkin' Donuts in the AM as I've gotten used to just making my own coffee and having a piece of toast but I think tomorrow I may just go there anyways...for old times sake you know?? HAHA

Other than that not much else to report...we have some appointments lined up for next month...on his birthday (poor kid).

Until next time be well...

February 7, 2008

They're just toys...right???

I've been trying to get rid of some of Gage's toys for some time now. It's so hard though.
Every toy I pick up makes me sad.
can remember the day we got EVERY SINGLE toy.
I can remember sitting there imaging him playing with it. I couldn't wait for the day.
I remember when we got the little basketball hoop for him...in my mind I saw him first sitting there playing with the balls...trying to figure out how to put them through the hoop. And then I saw him a bit bigger and standing next to daddy while they both played with it.
I remember getting the peek-a-blocks and how excited I was for him to discover them.
I couldn't wait for him to figure out that there was something INSIDE the blocks.
Again...I had it all mapped out in my mind.

Sadly it didn't quite happen that way.

The basketball hoop sat in the corner untouched for months and months.
The peek-a-blocks remained untouched in a box.

And those are just a couple of the toys.

For a long time I left all of Gage's toys spread throughout the house...I think in some strange way it made me feel more like a mommy. It made it easier to pretend things would be ok too.

Eventually I put them all away in a toy box in his room. Having them in a toy box made it easier to pretend as well.

In the beginning I would look at them every once in awhile and some days I'd drag out a couple and try playing with them with Gage...never went over very well.

It's been well over 4 years since I packed them all up into his toy box and sadly I know he will never play with them...I also know it's taking up alot of space that we could use for other things.

I know this.

But I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.
I can't do it.

Why not though???
They're just toys...right???

In a way yes...they are JUST toys...but they are also so much more than that.
They were my hopes for Gage.
My dreams unrealized.

February 5, 2008

What a week...and it's only TUESDAY...

This week started off with a bang.

Yesterday Gage managed to get himself wrapped up in his cords while he was feeding and as I trying to untangle him his mickey button popped out.

I don't change it...I never have. It makes me ill to even think about it so Kris has always done it. Yesterday it was just lil' man and me at home when it happened and I know that it has to be replaced in a timely matter so as not to close up.

I freaked out for about 10 seconds and then I grabbed the phone and called Kris so he could walk me through it. I've seen him do it enough times that I know how it's done but I also wanted to make sure I didn't miss a step.

Usually Gage is pretty calm when Kris changes it but I think he knew mommy was scared so he decided to kick and bang and move and try to sit up...didn't help at all.
I got it in but when I went to draw back on the syringe nothing was coming back up so I didn't get it in right.
I decided at that point that it was in enough that it wouldn't close up so I wrapped him in an ace bandage so it wouldn't pop out again and left it for Kris.

and then I cried. alot.

When Kris got home he was able to get it in properly but it took him a couple of tries...normally he can get it in right away so it wasn't just me.

I felt a tiny bit better.

Until today...when I went into his bedroom to get him up this morning there was something blocking the door preventing me from opening it up all the way...GAGE.
He somehow managed to kick his side rail open and HE FELL OUT OF BED.
My heart just about stopped.
I made sure he was ok...and he was and is. He actually seems a bit smug about it (that's my boy. lol).
He kicks his side rail all night long so I never really think twice when I hear loud banging from his room.

Anyhow...I gave him tons of hugs and asked him to please not scare mommy like that again.

and then I cried. alot

Seems to be the theme of the week....mommy is an emotional wreck.

Is it Friday yet???