January 2, 2008

Long time no update...

and for that i apologize.

It's been a busy holiday season and things are finally getting back to "normal" so I figured I'd take a moment to update.
We saw the GI specialist last month and Gage's weight went down a bit (YAY) so now he's on a maintain feeding protocol. He was also given a medication called Reglan to help with the nightly vomiting. It seems to be helping somewhat. His Dr. is also referring us to an ENT to see about Botox in his salivary glands to help with choking. That scares me ALOT. And he wants us to see Rehab. Tech at Children's about botox in his legs to help with the tightening.
Man...this botox craze is getting a bit out of hand!!!
Baby botox??
Who woulda thought.
Maybe I can get a voucher to use in a couple years for myself.

In other news...Santa was good to Gagey this year....The Gramma's were better but hey...either way he got SPOILED.
He deserves it though.

As for me...I came down with pneumonia on Christmas night. That was a shocker.
Luckily my parent's were able to take Gage for a few nights to prevent him from getting it and to also give me a chance to rest.
Pneumonia is the one thing we've always been scared to death of the kiddo getting.
It could be devastating for him...but so far he seems ok.
Thank god.

And on that note....I wish you all a Happy New Year.
May it be a BLESSED one for all of us.

p.s. I had a FABULOUS picture of Gage to put up but blogger is being a BRAT and not letting me.