February 18, 2008

Wish us luck...

After (almost) a month off of school I think it's time for Gage to go back.
We've had a bout of the flu, some cold like symptoms, the ever present choking, a couple snow days and a week of freezing temperatures....but finally things seem to be looking up.

The weather is a bit...well not as cold, the snow is still here but the roads are better (minus the whole salt shortage), the flu is long gone and I don't see any signs of a cold.
As for the choking...well that's pretty much here to stay for the time being so hopefully the school can handle it.

I will say it's been nice to wake up leisurely and not have to do the whole mad rush in the morning but I know he's missed school and his friends and of course Ms. Debbie...and I of course have missed those couple of hours all to myself. There really is no need for Dunkin' Donuts in the AM as I've gotten used to just making my own coffee and having a piece of toast but I think tomorrow I may just go there anyways...for old times sake you know?? HAHA

Other than that not much else to report...we have some appointments lined up for next month...on his birthday (poor kid).

Until next time be well...


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!