February 5, 2008

What a week...and it's only TUESDAY...

This week started off with a bang.

Yesterday Gage managed to get himself wrapped up in his cords while he was feeding and as I trying to untangle him his mickey button popped out.

I don't change it...I never have. It makes me ill to even think about it so Kris has always done it. Yesterday it was just lil' man and me at home when it happened and I know that it has to be replaced in a timely matter so as not to close up.

I freaked out for about 10 seconds and then I grabbed the phone and called Kris so he could walk me through it. I've seen him do it enough times that I know how it's done but I also wanted to make sure I didn't miss a step.

Usually Gage is pretty calm when Kris changes it but I think he knew mommy was scared so he decided to kick and bang and move and try to sit up...didn't help at all.
I got it in but when I went to draw back on the syringe nothing was coming back up so I didn't get it in right.
I decided at that point that it was in enough that it wouldn't close up so I wrapped him in an ace bandage so it wouldn't pop out again and left it for Kris.

and then I cried. alot.

When Kris got home he was able to get it in properly but it took him a couple of tries...normally he can get it in right away so it wasn't just me.

I felt a tiny bit better.

Until today...when I went into his bedroom to get him up this morning there was something blocking the door preventing me from opening it up all the way...GAGE.
He somehow managed to kick his side rail open and HE FELL OUT OF BED.
My heart just about stopped.
I made sure he was ok...and he was and is. He actually seems a bit smug about it (that's my boy. lol).
He kicks his side rail all night long so I never really think twice when I hear loud banging from his room.

Anyhow...I gave him tons of hugs and asked him to please not scare mommy like that again.

and then I cried. alot

Seems to be the theme of the week....mommy is an emotional wreck.

Is it Friday yet???


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a bad week. It's so scary sometimes. The last two times I put Nolan in the tub he has had a grand mal. I was right there but trying to get a slippery child that is seizing out of the tub and not drop him is scary. When I was flushing his pic line last summer I had a couple of scares. I had to put a blood thinner in to keep the line from getting a clot. I had the line in one hand and set down the syringe with the other and in a blink of an eye he grabbed it (the pic line). The valve that keeps the blood from comming out flew off and blood was going everywhere. It was very scary. I got the valve back on but I had to call Jeff and I felt like it was my fault. We had to call the home health nurses to walk us through fixing it.

You and your little man are in my thoughts.