November 19, 2007

Wills and other thoughts...

Tonight I was watching Jon and Kate plus know the couple with twins and sextuplets??? Anyhow...they had a guy come over and work on making a will with them and when they were talking to the guy about the people they chose to raise the kid's they said their reasoning was that they were the only people who would agree to take all 8 children without splitting them up. The mom then made a remark about them being the only ones crazy enough to do it.
It got me thinking...eventually Kris and I are going to need to work on a will but who would want to take our son??? To us he's wonderful and perfect and charming but does anyone else see that?? Is there anyone who sees past all the medicine and tubes and developmental delays and wheelchair and yada yada yada to see what an amazing child he is???
One of my greatest fears is Gage being left alone in this world and spending his life in a home. If there is anything I can do to prevent that I will...but how do you go about asking someone to take on a responsibility like this???
I know my parents and Kris' parents will do whatever they can but face it...they're all getting up there in age and truth be told we will probably be around longer than they will.
So how do we do this??? How do we "pick" someone without being an imposition????

In other news...Gage missed school today. He threw up his breakfast about 20 minutes before the bus was to come. Fun.
He also has the rest of the week off.
The good news is we can sleep in a bit longer than normal...the bad news is mommy is stuck in the house all week long while daddy is at work.
No bagels or latte's for me.
This is definitely one of the harder parts of being Gage's mom...i can't just pick up and go when I want.
Oh well...less than a week until he goes back and I can get my yummy bagel.
Can hardly wait.