November 18, 2007

A blog as THERAPY??

In the short time since I've created this little blog I've come to realize that I have been holding a hell of a lot inside. Anytime people would ask me how I deal with all of this I'd always give the answer of "I don't know any different" OR "I just do deal with what you have" and blah blah blah. Seemed like good answers to give...right???
Good answers for who??
The people who asked them....or ME???
Seems maybe I did for me more than anyone else. You giving answers like that I could convince myself that that was how I felt.'s the truth....alot of time this REALLY fucking sucks.
I mean...think about it...who would want this???
And if you say to yourself that you would...then you're a bigger liar then I.
Obviously it's not all bad of course...few things in life are...but instead of glossing over the truth when people ask me things like how I do it maybe I should just be honest.

This blog has also made me realize that I spent FAR too much money on therapy and that this serves me better then they did...and it's FREE.

Lord knows nothing else in my life is.

Purpose of this blog today...hmmmm...I suppose there really is none.
But hey...this is MY blog and it can be as deep and meaningful or not as I want it to be.
So there.