November 13, 2008


We got Gage's Christmas present in the mail today!!! After reading another blog and seeing their daughter in the childrite seat I immediately started reading the testimonials on it and knew we had to get it for Gage.
It's pretty much a glorified Bumbo ...a much pricier Bumbo but everything labeled "special needs" or "adaptive" comes with a hefty price tag...we all know that...but we said forget it and ordered it anyway.
I am sooo happy we did!!
We couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to him...why would we?? It's something that can benefit him and make him more comfortable today it was.

He did incredible in it!! I actually could have cried seeing him sitting up...he looked so proud and so content.

I totally recommend it to anyone with a special needs child that needs a bit of help sitting up.
Best investment ever.

I have pictures of him in it but I can't seem to locate my cord...I'm wondering if the cat has wondered off with it. HaHa


Kim said...

I thought the same thing, isn't that a bumbo? What is the difference? Did Gage use a bumbo when he was smaller? Curious if Lily needs one for xmas too! :)

Shannon said...

It's bigger than a bumbo but that's about it...the price difference is...well because they all raise the prices for "adaptive" equiptment. Isn't that nice of them. lol

He didn't have a bumbo when he was a baby so this our first experience with it and I LOVE it.

I seriously would have paid even more than I did after seeing him in it.

I think Lily would do great in it. Gage isn't able to sit up by himself for more than a couple minutes so I was worried about how he would do in it since there are no straps but he does great. He's even sat in it long enough for his tube feedings.
And the best part is we can take it everywhere with us. So worth it.

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I can't wait to see the pictures. It does really tick me off to have to pay extra for "special" things. I am so glad the Gage likes it. Even better it's portable.


Anonymous said...

So, so pleased the chair is putting himin a better position (literally!!)... The more recent pics are gorgeous - he's grown so much, and into quite a handsom boy :)
Lovely family shots, too... :)

I look forward to hearing how the new school goes, and hoping for all the best..

Lottie X