April 28, 2008

And so it begins...

Life has been crazy busy and a bit stressful for the H family.
We closed on the new house last week and have been spending a lot of time over there getting it ready. There's so much to be done. Kris has been over there everyday after work and it's starting to catch up to him I think. He was EXHAUSTED yesterday.

Aside from fixing up the house there's so many phone calls to make. I need to find a new school for him, we need to figure out what to do about getting a wheelchair ramp installed, try to get somewhere with the SSI and medicaid and so much more.
I swear it's endless.
Today I've talked to no less then a dozen people and left as many messages...where did I get??
It's frustrating.

And then there's the happs on the Gage-o front...we've had to change his medication from liquid to pill form in preparation to start the Ketogenic Diet next week.
The felbatol is HUGE horse pills and I obviously need to grind them down so I can push it into his G-tube. He needs 1 1/2 of those 3x a day...I'm day one into it and my hands KILL from trying to grind them and that's the easy pill.

The Depakote has a lovely plastic coating on it that doesn't want to grind at all. He needs 2 of those pills 3x a day.
Where as it used to take me 2 minutes to get his medication ready it's now taking me 15 minutes.
I am slightly frustrated that the Depakote doesn't come in another pill without the coating. I worry about his tube getting clogged if a bigger piece happens to get into the syringe.
For the time being I've been grinding the pill and filling it with water and then soaking whatever is left on the coating off of it and then trying to get the medication into the syringe without getting any of the plastic into it.
It's not easy and there has to be a better way but I'm stumped.
If anyone has any suggestions I'm open!!!


Anonymous said...

Can you peel the depakote coating of with a knife. It would be tricky not to cut yourself. It's been a long time since I've used depakote so I'm not sure if it would work. Or a tiny cheese grater. Either way it will take time and take a piece out of your hand :(


kevin said...

We had this very problem with depakote! Go to a kitchen supply store like Bed, Bath, and Beyond and pick up a morter and pedastal about $14 at BBB. We looked at pharamcies and could not find one. The morter works great to reall crush up the meds, esp really hard coated ones liek depakote, keppra, and prilosec.