September 9, 2008


Gage had his surgery Monday at Children's and all went well.
The Dr. was a bit shocked at the level of his one point she called it "the mother of all..."
Anyhow...because the prolapse was so big it left him with a much bigger hole than he should of had so she had to stitch it up on the inside and the outside.
Poor guy. Nothing is ever easy for him.

Because of the extent they ended up keeping him over night so they could make sure he took his feeds and medicine well. He did GREAT!!

I made sure to stay on top of the nurses with his pain medicine...Gage has such a high tolerance for pain that by the time he's crying and really showing his discomfort it's too late and can take a long time to get him calm again.
I was really pleased that they listened to me on it and for the most part were really good about giving him medicine every 3 hours and aside from a brief moment today he did awesome.
I am so proud of him.
After each surgery or procedure I realize just how strong and what a fighter he is.

We're home now and exhausted so I apologize for the shortness of this...I just wanted to update everyone.



Anonymous said...

Hey sis, I am glad things were smooth an dlittle man is on the mend.

Hoe we can catch up soon, time sure does slip away fast.

Love U,