August 7, 2008

Way overdue update...

Oh my has been FOREVER since I've updated!!!

I've felt really guilty about i and was going to use the "I took the summer off" bit as an excuse but the truth is that I went WAY too long and felt a bit overwhelmed and wasn't even sure where to begin on the update.
I am a slacker. lol

I do have a ton to update you all on though and I will start with the house...we moved in finally at the end of June and we're loving it!!
Everything turned out awesome. I have quite a few before and after pictures of the house and I will get them up sooner or later...I figured I'd get this done and then work on a picture post another day.
Anyhow...all the stress (my end) and hard work (everyone's end) was so well worth it. I still find myself waking up and looking around in disbelief that we actually live here. I feel blessed beyond belief.
And yes it is true that we are now (transplanted) cheeseheads. haha

In other news...Gage had a few appointments at Children's last week.

First we saw the eye clinic and while we were there they confirmed what Kris and I suspected...Gage does have CVI (cortical vision impairment)...the basic gist is that he has everything he needs to see but somehow the signals get lost on the way to the brain. The Dr. did say that his eyes react (sluggishly) to light but that seems to be about all he reacts too. The Dr. said that he considers Gage to be blind.

Kris and I have thought this for a long time and hearing it was bittersweet. One one hand we are happy to know for sure because it may change the way therapies are done...and it's just nice to not wonder anymore.
BUT...I'm not going to lie...actually hearing it was a bit hard. Obviously you always hope for the best news.
The not knowing on anything is a blessing and a curse for me but in the end I do feel a bit relieved to know for sure.
I just keep telling myself that this can only work in his favor.

After the eye clinic we met with the surgeon about his prolapse. The nurse was in first and she told us that most of the time a prolapse actually turns out to be granulation tissue and that GI is a bit too quick to give the prolapse diagnosis...I think she was a bit surprised to see his G-tube sight...there is no question that it is indeed a prolapse.

Gage is going to have surgery to have it removed. We're not sure just when yet because Kris needs to clear it with work but we have a few prospective dates for this month or the first week in September.

After the surgeon we saw GI for a checkup. It seems Gage-o has lost just about a kilo and a half since starting the keto diet so we're going to have to up his calorie intake but otherwise the appointment went well.

As for the keto diet...we're not for sure that it's helping but I think our instinct says that it just may be.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that this will work for him and that he will be able to come off some of the medicine.


I think I've covered most of the happenings...I know I kind of rushed through each thing but it's late and there was a lot to cover.
If you want me to go more in depth in anything just let me know and I will happy too!!

And on that note I think I'm ready for bed!!
Have a good one!!

P.S. I will try to get up the pictures of the house in the next couple of days (if blogger lets me. lol)


Anonymous said...

I am deeply saddened to hear about Gage's eye sight. I am glad that you had suspected it so that it was not a total shock. It will be helpful in tailoring therapies that will work better for him. The hardest part is always not knowing.

I am looking forward to seeing your pictures.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for an update, you are always in my heart and mind over the miles.